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Conference: Criminal proceeding based on the rule of law as mean

@[769077793105137:274:Belarusian State University] in co-operation with @[461745495416:274:Humboldt-Universit�t zu Berlin] (Prof. Dr. Martin Hager) will held common conference on currently central matters of criminal procedure. On a 3-day conference in Minsk (Belarus), the current criminal procedural law in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine as well as Germany will be compared and discussed. In addition to the already established criminal prosecution lawyers from all four countries, young scientists as well as doctoral students are also to be invited to participate in the development of existing systems in view of the possible obstacles of the respective "establishment".
Financed by @[237282353035609:274:Ausw�rtiges Amt]

Posted by Леонид Зашляпин on 23 сен 2017, 19:23

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